DISOFLEX (Dispositivo di Sorveglianza Flessibile)

DISOFLEX (Dispositivo di Sorveglianza Flessibile) is a series of site-specific installations involving CCTV cameras, monitors and/or projectors connected by flexible tubes. The public, interacting with the altered environment and being captured and broadcasted live by the video, becomes an active participant in the work. The tubes that obstruct normal viability and can also be moved and shaped by the public, invade the space and alter the perception and interaction with the environment. The cameras are equipped with IR sensors thus providing its own lighting in all situations. Space, time, privacy, surveillance, interaction and self-exposure. These are some of the topics the work wishes to explore, or better, it intends to stimulate critical thinking in the perceptor. DISOFLEX adopts to all kinds of environments gaining its multiple shapes and meanings from its surroundings. 
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